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data is the foundation of digital media, marketing and advertising.

91% of consumers are demanding control.

In today’s world, privacy is a competitive advantage—that’s why we created Symitri, a seamless ‘EZ’ button for real-time deterministic addressability, attribution and measurement—all without exposing any personal data to digital advertising supply-chain. 

The first privacy firewall and real-time clean room for the open web, Symitri balances the economic viability of programmatic advertising with the growing global demand for consumer data protection.

Symitri balances the data that Publishers and Advertisers need with the privacy that Consumers deserve.

The Symitri Firewall employs a zero-trust, double-blind approach to security that enables media buyers and sellers to deterministically match audiences without exposing any personal data in the bidstream, something no other privacy solution can claim. 

The Symitri Cleanroom delivers realtime audience intelligence, performance optimization and AI-enabled analytics.

  • Prevents data leakage of any personal information to any third party
  • A zero-trust, double-blind approach to security   converts personal data into anonymous cohorts
  • Ensures global privacy compliance by design
  • Enhances trust by enforcing consumer choice
  • Delivers real-time performance at scale

Symitri and TRUSTX at the 2024 Cannes Lions

Symitri and TRUSTX will be in Cannes for the 2024 Lions, leading critical conversations about privacy, data, and identity throughout the week. If you’re planning to attend the festival and are interested in joining the discussion or arranging a private 1:1 meeting to learn more about Symitri, we’d love to meet with you.


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